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No house is too ugly to list

Even if your house needs some or a lot of work, listing it on the MLS will allow you to get the most for the house in the current market.

Wholesalers will offer to buy your house as is which is an option to sell quickly.

I recommend getting an offer and letting us show you what the house could list for on the MLS.

In the current housing market, fixer upper houses are selling quickly and bringing higher offers than in previous years.

Recently I helped a seller list her in need of repair house on the MLS and she received multiple offers over asking price. After commissions she is getting more money than if she sold to a  wholesaler.


Tips to Win More Multiple-Offer Deals


Offer a larger option fee.

This shows your client is serious, and a large option fee is another financial incentive to buyers.

See if the lender can contact the listing agent.

If your client would like, having the lender contact the seller’s agent can offer additional assurance that the sale will close.

Consider a personal letter.

A letter from your clients explaining why they are right for the property can offer an emotional pull if done correctly. However, some listing agents warn their sellers against reading personal letters because of the potential for fair housing-related claims.

Pay for the extras.

If offering more isn’t an option, consider paying for items such as title policies, surveys, or residential service contracts.